Our Story

Kolap Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant featuring authentic Cambodian cuisine. The restaurant was established by Sarun and his wife, Sopheang, in October 2003. Sarun and Sopheang were both born in Cambodia and fled the country during the Khmer Rouge genocide. They each lived in refugee camps for several years before moving to the United States. After many years of owning an auto mechanic shop, Sarun’s Auto Repair, the couple opened Kolap restaurant.


One of our specialties we serve is the famous #8 Phnom Penh Sour Soup. It has been featured on The New York Times as "the single best thing I ate on the trip." It was also featured on "The Heavy Table" as "may be one of the best soups in the state."


My first order was mixed friend rice, egg rolls, and the beef noodle soup (pho). I was really impressed with the quality of everything and how it was all very obviously made from scratch. The egg rolls were hand made and delicious, the ingredients of the pho were good quality, and the quantity and quality of the fried rice was superb. I'll definitely be going back.

Ted G.

All the food was fresh and very flavorful. All the food was outstanding. For instance the fried rice was as good as i have ever had really a step above anywhere else the ginger beef with scallions was so good none other is comparable.

Darrell B.

Great place! Loved the service!

Mason M.

Great food at reasonable prices! ❤❤❤❤❤

Renae O.

So tasty! Can't beat the prices. Very delicious. Will go again with my family.

Souphak K.

Our first time here today and won't be the last. We ordered Phnom Penh Noodle Soup, Kuyteav Porsgo and they were delicious and authentic. Reminds me of mom's cooking. We also ordered Lot cha and that was so good too. It has what we call "wok hei" (smoky flavor) in Cantonese. The prices are so reasonable. All three dishes for $24.81 (including tips). It's not a fancy place, but service was courteous and most importantly they serve great food. Yup, we'll be back!!!

Marvellina G.

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